Written by Augusto Bitter
With dramaturgical support from Jiv Parasram
Directed by Claren Grosz

CHICHO is a one man show written and performed by Augusto Bitter. The titular character, an ashamed-queer-Catholic-man-boy from Venezuela, hilariously attempts to feel beautiful despite his warring identity politics. His journey is freckled with appearances from a host of other vibrant characters: Chichi the sinisterly charismatic Latin game show host, Aguacate the seductive and wise avocado, Chad the hip young Canadian priest and more. CHICHO is a wildly entertaining exploration of a diasporic experience, and thoughtfully presents the disparity between Chicho's queer coming-of-age journey in Canada and the worsening human rights crisis in Venezuela.

CHICHO is being developed in-residence at Theatre Passe Muraille with support from Aluna Theatre, Factory Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and Diaspora Dialogues. It is also made possible through the support of the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council.

Rhubarb Festival
February 16-18, 2018
Buddies in Bad Times

Theatre Passe Muraille BUZZ Workshop Presentation
February 3-4, 2018
Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace

Caminos Festival
October 5, 2017
Aki Studio

Rehearsal stills by Caleigh Adams



Augusto Bitter - Creator + Performer
Claren Grosz - Director
Elyse Waugh - Stage Manager
Deanna Choi - Sound Design
Guiseppe Condello - Lighting + Projections
Jiv Parasram - Dramaturgy