See the full #FringeFemmeTO list here, courtesy of Derrick Chua.


FringeFemmeTO celebrates the women* playwrights, directors and choreographers in the Toronto Fringe Festival. We beat the drum for badass artists and welcome you to do the same.

#FringeFemmeTO was a hashtag started by a group of female playwrights in the 2015 Toronto Fringe Festival led by Sophia Fabilli (playwright of The Philanderess and Liars at a Funeral, Truth 'n' Lies Theatre) in 2015 to support female playwrights in the Fringe. It was supported by Equity in the Theatre and named one of the Top Fringe Trends by Steve Fisher. Last year, Eva Barrie (Shakespeare in the Ruff, Yell Rebel) signed up with the intent to create a community that supports women’s voices in the Fringe and #FringeFemmeTO grew to include directors and choreographers. In 2017 they passed the torch to Claren Grosz, Artistic Director of Pencil Kit Productions.

#FringeFemmeTO celebrates the women generating work in this year's Toronto Fringe Festival: directors, playwrights and choreographers. We think it's important to celebrate the women who are shaping stories from a leadership position and know that having women working in these roles directly impacts the kind of narratives that we see on stage. This year’s Fringe is filled with remarkable productions that have been steered by women in these positions, and we aim to showcase each one.

If you are a woman and don’t often see yourself represented on stage, or if you are an Artistic Director and gender parity is important to you, search twitter for the hashtag #FringeFemmeTO and check out shows that are directed, choreographed or written by women. It’s that easy.

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*As always, that includes trans and cis women! If you're confused or feel excluded, talk to us.