Gradient: An increase in the magnitude of a property observed in passing from one moment to another.

Blank Canvas Toronto and Pencil Kit Productions team up to bring you an evolving light and art party at a secret location in Kensington. 

Join us at 8pm for spoken word and overhead projector art and stick around as we accelerate through different chapters of the night towards a black light dance party. The evening will feature a variety of performances from guest artists and unique lighting all night. 


  • ABSCOND & CHEFFY (Blank Canvas)
  • HUDSON ALEXANDER (Bedroomer)


  • CONFESSIONS COLLECTIVE - Claudia Valerie Yang, Salma Dee, Lily Sutherland, and Sarah Delignies. With contributions from Neta Jeffery, Lauren V K, and Victoria Hill. Developed with Pencil Kit Productions as part of the Women's Collective Creation Intensive


$10 before 12pm | $15 afterward | Save $2 if you wear white

We won't turn anyone away for this event due to lack of funds. Please email for financial accommodation.

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Note: This is a 19+ event.