The Kit is going to the Fringe! ...x2!

Pencil Kit Productions won the lottery. Twice! See you at both the Toronto and Hamilton Fringe Festivals. We're mounting the premier of Mitchell Janiak's Perfect Couples. A play that explores eight vibrant individuals as they navigate domestic struggle, mental health and young adulthood. We're currently calling actors for auditions.

Expect the usual, Pencils: powerful ladies, beautiful pictures on stage, and a lot of challenging material to chew on. Stay tuned.


Shadow Girls at the 38th Annual Rhubarb Festival

A 20 minute workshopped version of our current project in incubation, Shadow Girls, was showcased at Buddies in Bad Time's Rhubarb Festival, "a hotbed of experimentation, [...] the place to see the most adventurous ideas in performance and to catch your favourite artists venturing into uncharted territory."

Our uncharted territory involved blending overhead projector art with performance. With our Lo-Fi technical tools on stage alongside performers, the audience witnessed breathtaking visuals take shape and transform at the hands of our artists. These images saturate our story of two bisexual women struggling with sex, shame and identity. 

Learn more about Shadow Girls