Shadow Girls


Written by Claren Grosz & Keshia Palm
Co-produced by Blank Canvas

April 25-May 5, 2018
The Gladstone Hotel

Shadow Girls will premiere in it's full length form as the final show of the 17/18 Pencil Kit Season. The piece is co-written by Claren Grosz and Keshia Palm and has been developed in a lo-fi experimental setting with the use of overhead projectors. The production details the relationship of Maggie and Amelia, two self-identifying “straight girls,” who’ve had a history of sex and friendship since they met in high school. After years of separation they meet again in young adulthood and begin an affair. Our story explores how internalized misogyny and homophobia complicate the articulation of bisexual identities within both queer and heteronormative cultures while delving into universal themes of secret desires, sexual discovery and shame. Saturated with rich imagery and intimate moments, Shadow Girls is a sensuous presentation of a queer love story.

Shadow Girls is made possible with the support of the Toronto Arts Council.


Lead Artists

Girls of Shadows Past

Shadow Girls has undergone two workshops with public performances including the 38th Annual Rhubarb Festival. It has been developed with the help of many talented women: Maya Findlay, Sydney Herauf, Jocelyne Lamarche, Kathleen O'Reilly, and Jackie Rowland